Stallion Performance Test

Successful since 2001

Since 2001 we organize and operate stallion performance tests as the only private testing station.

Our testing station offers the best conditions and environmet for your stallions, since our long term staff is highly qualified and the training and husbandry conditions are always up to date and on the highest level.

Helmar Bescht performs the highly responsible task as head of training with his experience of several decades.

Since 2016 a new model for the stallion performance test has been put in place, which was developed by the advisory board of the Deutsche Reiterliche Vereinigung e.V.
As station tests, the 14-days performance test, as well as the discipline-specific 50-days performance test are being offered.

The execution of the stallion performance test, under the management of Helmar Bescht, follows the valid “HLP-Rules for Stallion Performance Tests of the German riding horse breed”.

The registration of the stallions is done via the English web page of the Deutschen Reiterlichen Vereinigung e.V. (FN )

If you have any questions concerning the registration, the choice of the test model or the HLP-rules for your stallion, we’d be glad to assist you in any way possible.