Breeding and Sport

Breeding and Sport

Here in Schlieckau we offer the complete service all around horse breeding.

We offer advice for the selection of a stallion for the covering of your mare.
The necessary examinations and inseminations are being performed here at our stable by our experienced long term veterinarian Dr. Heinrich Harre.

We offer a separate stable for the broodmares including spacious foaling boxes.
Thanks to video surveillance and the use of monitoring straps (birth alarm) the pregnant mares are under constant observation and will be accompanied by our team when giving birth to her foal.

During the summer the broodmares and their foals live in their accustomed herds on our pastures. If necessary they are being brought to the stable to ensure optimum feeding, or to conduct the necessary controls by the veterinarian.

The base for a long, healthy and successfull life of horses is the species-appropriate upbringing of the young horses, which we in Schlieckau attach greatest importance to. The young horses grow up in strong and sturdy herds, separated by age and gender. Free moving space, optimal feeding, formative social contacts within their herds and the timely, consequent handling by our team, contribute to this goal. During the grazing season our herds live on our pastures and are being controlled on a daily basis. During the winter season the young horses are being held in spacious running boxes and get daily exercise on the adjacent winter runs. Daily hoof care, vaccinations and treatments for worms are of course ensured.

For the training and education of your young horses, we can offer you the best possible conditions here at Schlieckau. The sound basic training of the horses, as well as the preparation and presentation of young stallions and mares for and at their approval, mare registrations and breeding shows, has always been our main objective.

Also for the continuative training and education and introduction at tournaments, we and our team are of course available.

The people behind Stall Bescht.

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    Susann-Babett Bescht

    Accounting, Organization

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    Helmar Bescht

    Horse Handler, Head of Stallion Inspection Station

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    Julius C. Bescht

    Fully Qualified Groom

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    Felix Bescht